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Bits and Bobs (etc.).

Posted on September 5, 2015 with 0 comments
It has been several months since I last 'blogged.' I find the whole 'social media' aspect of the new music business paradigm both baffling and vexing. I reckon the audience I attract, although limited at best, couldn't care less about my thoughts on this year's fashion (I have none) or juicy personal tidbits like what I snort for breakfast (green tea). My 'music' and 'videos' speak for themselves. I'll stop here, lest this turn into a diatribe on Twitter and its ilk.
There are some things I'd like to share with my 'peeps' (my 'posse?'...I don't keep up with the latest jargon, especially since I've lived away from america for 25 years now--currently back in Tokyo).
1. Call to Action! Hilf mir! 私をアシスト!Assiste moi! 도와주세요! Aiutami! 帮助我!Помоги мне! ¡Ayúdame! Gere curam mei finis! ช่วยฉัน! Cabhrú liom!
I am planning to start playing live (concerts) next year, and to attract concert [...]
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2015 Updates

Posted on August 31, 2015 with 0 comments
Call to Action! Hilf mir! 私をアシスト!Assiste moi! 도와주세요! Aiutami! 帮助我!Помоги мне! ¡Ayúdame! Gere curam mei finis! ช่วยฉัน! Cabhrú liom!I am planning to start playing live (concerts) next year, and to attract concert promoters and booking agents, I need strong 'followers' on-line. Please go to and 'like' my artist's page. AND, please go to and 'subscribe' to my Youtube channel, watch some videos, 'like' the videos, 'favourite' them and leave a positive comment. Doing these actions will increase your good Karma, and ensure a great life in your next incarnation! Thank you! 谢谢!Danke! Grazie! ありがとう!고맙습니다! Dziękuję! Lee Negin  
New Album Release! 新しいCDがリリース!Neue CD veröffentlicht! Sortie Nouveau CD! नई सीडी का विमोचन! [...]
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End of Summer 2014 News

Posted on August 22, 2014 with 0 comments
End Of Summer News
Greetings Comrades,
I hope you all had a very groovy summer! Thank you for your continued support, which I greatly appreciate.
First, I’d like to ask you to please vote for me—until 31 August-- at  
I have made it to the finals, and to win would be quite cool—the “Next Big Thing” (after quite a while making noise). Yes We Can!
My new Technopera, which I released in June—“The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V” has had a very positive response, including strong reviews in many international publications, particularly in Europe (3 in Italy so far, with a review slated for October in the highly influential avant-garde Italian magazine “Blow Up”). For links and excerpts from the reviews, go to  
I just completed a lengthy interview with the cool blog “The Peverett Phile.” It [...]
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"Lee Negin's 'The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V' is not a conventional collection of album tunes. In breadth, it is operatic. In scope, it is mesmerising. The mind is dragged from one sonic experience to the next, sometimes feeling it's been dragged into the depths of space and sometimes back to earth with a rhythmic bang. It's Lee Negin's most ambitious work yet. It draws together all the bits that go into making his work so transcendent and mesmerising and slots them all together in one shuddering whole. This is music for the brain, the guts, the feet and anything else you've got." - Mark Whitby, Dandelion Radio (UK) Boys and Girls, Back in the day, when radio mattered (before video killed the radio star, and now that Internet has killed the recording artist), there was a legendary British DJ (radio presenter) at the BBC in London named John Peel. He was 'the man' in the 1980's, and if he played your music, it was a badge of honour. I was VERY lucky that John not only [...]
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“Lee Negins new ‘Technodelic” craziness, “The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V” will surely keep you awake! Once you think you have it figured out, the music takes you in a completely different direction. What is more surprising—beyond Negin’s mastery, sound quality and his sheer brilliance—is that the world he creates, while appearing ‘absurd’ and ‘bizarre’--is much less absurd than the ‘real’ world most of us apparently inhabit. If Negin’s aim was to point out the absurdities of our society and contemporary life, then he hit the nail fully on the head.” – Gianmaria Consiglio (Esteemed Italian Music Journalist) "Man, it's a sonic journey of epic proportions. In the world of opera, the Cheeze is mighty indeed. Negin doesn't so much hit the funk button, as kick it all the way to Neptune. I'm loving it." - Simon Humphrey (UK Producer/Engineer: The Clash, Culture Club, [...]
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