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Lee Negin: NEW ALBUM

New Album Release
नई सीडी रिलीज
Lee Negin
Entheogenic Dharma Music
Lee Negin’s new solo album, “Entheogenic Dharma Music, “ a collection of 8 mind-blowing extended tracks of psychedelic-trippy-dance-trance-ambient-electronica-dreamscape-“new-world’-Zen soundtracks, will be released and go on sale in mid-May, 2016.
“Negin’s music is the sound of one hand clapping and one toe tapping!” – Roshi Kusai Onara, Abbot, Tofuji Hemp Farm & Sheep Grooming
A limited run of 100 physical CDs (discs) will be published, with only about 60 total made available for purchase. With cover and disc art by the noted British Visionary artist, Bill Brouard (Visual Alchemy-UK), this disc is a collector’s CD, and also makes for great coasters underneath your favourite beverage, Ninja flying discs, or cool fashion accessories (as a pendant, or a pair of earrings, etc.).
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"Lee Negin's 'The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V' is not a conventional collection of album tunes. In breadth, it is operatic. In scope, it is mesmerising. The mind is dragged from one sonic experience to the next, sometimes feeling it's been dragged into the depths of space and sometimes back to earth with a rhythmic bang. It's Lee Negin's most ambitious work yet. It draws together all the bits that go into making his work so transcendent and mesmerising and slots them all together in one shuddering whole. This is music for the brain, the guts, the feet and anything else you've got." - Mark Whitby, Dandelion Radio (UK)

“Lee Negins new ‘Technodelic” craziness, “The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V” will surely keep you awake! Once you think you have it figured out, the music takes you in a completely different direction. What is more surprising—beyond Negin’s mastery, sound quality and his sheer brilliance—is that the world he creates, while appearing ‘absurd’ and ‘bizarre’--is much less absurd than the ‘real’ world most of us apparently inhabit. If Negin’s aim was to point out the absurdities of our society and contemporary life, then he hit the nail fully on the head.” – Gianmaria Consiglio (Esteemed Italian Music Journalist) "Man, it's a sonic journey of epic proportions. In the world of opera, the Cheeze is mighty indeed. Negin doesn't so much hit the funk button, as kick it all the way to Neptune. I'm loving it." - Simon Humphrey (UK Producer/Engineer: The Clash, Culture Club, [...]
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New Technopera Unleashed!

Posted on June 21, 2014 with 0 comments
“The Smeagol has landed!” – Commander Beam-O
“Help spread the bovine ‘Gospel of Cheeze’s TM. ‘”– Father Ben Dover
Electronica/Techno Savant Lee Negin releases new “Technopera,” The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V on June 20, 2014 (Passing Phase Records)
Continuing his epic cycle of Technoperas--patterned after Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen” (‘The Ring Cycle’) -- Lee Negin launches his electric and eclectic new album, The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V (Passing Phase Records) with an official release on June 20th, 2014. The material is a blend of Techo-funk-psychedelic-jazz-world-rock-ambient-electronica-experimenatal-social satire-irony-mysticism-prog-surrealism-dadaism-industrial-pop-metal-Musique concrete-Western Classical-impressionism, etc., Negin’s usual musical milieu.
 "Hearing this artist's expertly produced work is to experience a vision aimed beyond the realm of pop. [...]
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Lee Negin The Chronicles of Cheeze: Volume VTransmission LogueAll Music and Lyrics © 2014, Lee Negin/Passing Phase Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.1. Scrying the NowAlien Dudes: Welcome space cats and kittens, and people of the planet earth. You are about to embark on a journey that takes place on the stage between your ears.  Do not be alarmed. We mean you no harm. This Long Playing, Octophonic recording contains material that might make you lose awareness of the space-time continuum and realign your neural network. Do not attempt to adjust your listening device—rather, adjust your thinking apparatus using appropriate methods. Enjoy the ride. For maximum benefit, listen to the entire LP in one sitting. Clothing is optional. And remember, “What you see is you.”2.Just Saying….Station EXP Show Host, Paul Carusoe:  And now, sentient beings and other bags of gas, to close today’s broadcast, playing their cosmic chart-topping [...]
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