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Lee Negin Merchandise (T-Shirts, Mugs, etc.) - Gear

This shop exclusively sells cool gear (T-Shirts, Mugs, Fridge Magnets) with my groovy images on them. Great gifts for friends and for alike!

Mad Mug Lady

Sells items exclusively for various international artists, including a Lee Negin shoppe! 

Mad Mug Lady

Cool gear for cool people! Official Lee Negin merchandise!

Lee Negin's Back Catalog - MP3 Downloads

Lee Negin's back catalog, including 1981 Techno Classic "Nothing Goes Right," 1994 CD "Balance" and several digital singles and video soundtracks available at Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. For more information or purchase:;-keywords=lee+negin&x=13&y=14

Lee Negin's iTunes Store
Buy at
Amazon has branches in USA, Japan, Germany, UK, etc.
Lee Negin's iTunes Store
Lee Negin's Amazon Store

Hungry Ghosts - CD and MP3

"Hungry Ghosts" is available at:




CD Baby

Demand Records (Physical CD, primarily for UK and EU)

Amazon in Japan, Germany, UK, USA and France

Reverb Nation Store
Buy this at Bandcamp
Buy this at Amazon
Buy this CD at CD Baby
Lee Negin's iTunes Store
Demand Records
A UK physical retailer that focuses primarily on the UK and EU. Free shipping with all orders. Bulk discounts.
Reverb Nation Store
My Reverb Nation On-Line Shop.

Hungry Ghosts - Lee negin's Music

Japanese only site for "Hungry Ghosts" and other music.
Buy my CDs at Top Music, Japan
Nihongo Dake. Konichiwa Nihonjin tomodachi! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Hungry Ghosts - CD and MP3

Available at Digistation
Buy CD at Digistation
Digistation is a very cool site. They don't take a cut, so 100% of funds goes to me. I dig that!

Hungry Ghosts - CD

You can purchase the physical CD at this site (no MP3 downloads). I am a featured artist.
Buy the physical CD here! Better quality than MP3s and includes a 24-page booklet. Plus, makes a great coaster, frisbee, fashion accessory or Ninja fighting weapon!!!

Hungry Ghosts - MP3 Downloads

New Online Sales Site
New on-line retailer.

Hungry Ghosts - CD/Downloads

Shop at:
Buy Hungry Ghosts here
Based in Australia.

Lee Negin's Music - MP3 Downloads

Vibe Deck
Buy my Music Here
Cool new site.
Buy my Music Here

Lee Negin's Music - Lee Negin's Downloads

New Cool Site!
Buy my Music Here
Cool New Site!